ÚTopic Preview

1. Choosing the right profession is one of the most important decisions for both you and your parents. Why have you chosen this faculty?

2. What makes a good specialist?

3. Are you realistic in your thinking about future jobs you might have?


Recording 1

Ú Pre-listening Tasks

1. Go over the vocabulary.

stuck inside all day = rarely go outside the office

vice-president = a senior management person in a company

to quit (v) = to resign one’s job or position

2.Which do you think is more interesting: being a teacher or journalist? Why?

Ú Listening Tasks

1. Listen to the conversation between the two people on a plane and answer the following questions.

1. What does the man do?

2. What’s one of the best things about his job now?

3. What did he use to be?

4. Why did he quit that job?

5. What’s the woman’s job?

6. Does she find her job interesting? Why or why not?

Listen to the conversation again and complete the phrases.

1. It’s certainly better than …

2. The worst thing about teaching is …

3. I guess you travel a lot now and …

4. Sounds great I wish …

5. … and I have to work long hours.

Ú Grammar Focus

1. Listen and read the sentences comparing different jobs.

A lawyer is better paid than a teacher. A teacher is not as well paid as a lawyer.
A lawyer earns more than a clerk. A clerk doesn’tearn as much asa lawyer.
Teaching is more challenging than office work. Office work is less challenging than teaching.
Being an accountant is as challenging asbeing a teacher. Being a clerk is not as challenging as being a teacher.
A teacher has better benefits than a journalist. A journalist has worse benefits than a teacher.
The best thing about being a teacher is the vacations. The worst thing about being a teacher is correcting homework.

Listen to the stress in these sentences from the grammar box in task 1.

1. A lawyeris better paidthan a teacher.

2. A teacher is notaswell paidas a lawyer.

3. A lawyer earns morethan a clerk.

4. A clerk doesn’t earn asmuchas a lawyer.

Listen to the rest of the sentences. Mark the stressed words and then practice the sentences.

Ú Follow-up Activity

Role play the conversation on advantages and disadvantages of different careers.